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Managing financial affairs in today’s rapidly changing economy requires an increasingly sophisticated level of experience, knowledge, and integrity.  InterVest, Ltd., an independent, professional financial counseling firm, has developed and implemented financial plans for its clients for over twenty-eight years.  We are committed to all clients achieving financial security.

The InterVest Process

InterVest recognizes that each client’s financial situation is unique and must be thoroughly analyzed before making recommendations. The planning process begins with a confidential meeting with the client to determine their specific needs and objectives. Next, an assessment of the client’s financial position is made by reviewing their assets, liabilities, income, expenses, investments, insurance, taxes, as well as retirement and estate plans.

Identifying Your Needs

Following this extensive review, InterVest develops a Financial Planan individualized, financial blueprint for the present and the future. The Plan outlines viable investment and tax strategies, suggests feasible methods of funding children’s education (if applicable), and notes changes that may be needed in retirement and/or estate plans. Life, health, disability, homeowner, and liability insurance are reviewed for suitability of coverage and cost. This Plan is presented and reviewed with the client to establish a course of action. 

Meeting Your Financial Objectives

InterVest works closely with clients to ensure implementation of their Financial Plan. Regardless of the complexity of a client’s action plan, careful attention is paid to identifying opportunities to reduce risk while increasing the chances of meeting their objectives. 

We often work with client’s lawyers, accountants, real estate experts, other investment counselors, and bankers. While these professionals usually focus on their specific disciplines, InterVest helps highlight overlapping issues and assists clients in making judgments that best meet their objectives. 

InterVest also helps clients in selecting additional professionals for their specific needs. InterVest has a strong network of successful and well-regarded professionals who complement our own financial planning expertise and can be drawn on behalf of the client. 


Experience has shown that structuring a Financial Plan is not a one-time task. Rather, the Plan requires regular review and monitoring in response to changes of income, client’s goals, family needs, finances, and the tax codes. Thus, an annual review for each client is an important component of our continuing efforts to assist clients with implementation of their revised Plan. Additionally, we encourage clients to contact us with questions throughout the year.


InterVest offers its clients fee-based services. Our fees are based on the complexity of each individual situation and include analysis of all appropriate data, the development of the Financial Plan, and the presentation of the Plan to the client. In addition, fees include our availability for consultation (in person or by phone) during the term of the Agreement.

It is our practice to quote fees in advance of any contractual agreement so that potential clients know exactly what to expect before they make a commitment. Our fees are set at a level that encourages a long-term professional relationship with our clients.

InterVest Headquarters

InterVest's office is located at Two Wisconsin Circle, Suite 910, Chevy Chase, MD, 20815, which is near the intersection of Wisconsin and Western Avenues and directly above the Friendship Metro.  To schedule an appointment or receive further information, please contact our office at info@intervestltd.com or 301-951-4455 (phone).

Note: InterVest, Ltd. is registered as an investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A copy of the firm’s annual ADV filing is available upon request, and through the SEC's website at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. The SEC does not approve client brochures or websites.

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